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2.4.4 METHODOLOGY – Revolved Triangle (Continued)

Lesson Description You’ve been practicing Adi Shankacharya’s Nirvana Shatakam for the last two weeks. You are familiar with the sanskrit words. You’ve read the translation and have begun understanding the purpose of the mantra. Now, let’s practice the Nirvana Shatakam all together. Closed pelvis, hip opener, revolved or twisted triangle pose. verbal, self- and hands-on …

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2.3.4 METHODOLOGY – Revolved or Twisted Triangle Pose

Lesson Description In today’s lesson, we complete the last slokas (stanza or verse) of the Nirvana Shatakam mantra. This lesson introduces the closed-pelvis hip-opener, Revolved or Twisted Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana), and discusses variations, arriving at full expression and the benefits of the posture. REMEMBER: Take notes. Write down any questions you may have for the …

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3.4 METHODOLOGY – Triangle Pose

Lesson Description We continue the next slokas (verses) of Adi Shankaracharya’s Nirvana Shatakam mantra. This lesson focuses on hip openers, of which there are two types: open-pelvis and closed-pelvis. Deepa introduces an example of the closed-pelvis hip opener, Triangle Pose. Remember to take notes as you follow along with an explanation of the benefits of …

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