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Lesson Description You’ve been guided all week to take notes and write down your questions as Deepa walked you through step-by-step in the proper pronunciation of Adi Shankaracharya’s Nirvana Shatakam; and, introduced Downward Facing Dog and Triangle Pose. You learned modifications, variations, adjustments (verbal, self- and hands-on) as well as how to guide your students …

1.5.4 METHODOLOGY – Q&A Read More »

1.5.1 KRIYA

Please complete the Kriya Self-Practice assessment to proceed.

1.5.5 YOGA ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY – Cardiovascular System

Lesson Description In today’s lesson, we begin to explore the Cardiovascular System and how our yoga practice helps to establish the optimal functioning of this human organ system. Learn more about the cardiovascular system with John Green in Patreon’s Crash Course.


Lesson Description Props: 2 Blocks, strap, towel. Peak Pose: Open pelvis, hip opener. Warrior II (Veerabhadrasana II).