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Lesson Description Join instructor, Surya as he wraps up your 200 hours of training with one final satsang, focusing on proper pronunciation of sanskrit terminology in various mantras. Remember: You will choose your two favorite mantras and to complete the homework assignment, memorizing them, recording them and sharing the audio or video recording via email …

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Lesson Description In today’s lesson Surya Ji continues guiding the practitioner in the proper pronunciation of your sanskrit to effectively chant your mantras.

2.6.2 VIDEO – History of Yoga

About This Video The Film ‘History of Yoga – the Path of my Ancestors,’ by Deepika Kothari and Rajiv Malhotra, is a 6000 year journey into origin, evolution & development of yoga. Six years of extensive research and filming; contributions from 30 eminent scholars; 35,000 kilometers of travel to 137 locations to record from 84 …

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5.3 YOGA PHILOSOPHY – Schools of Yoga

Lesson Description In this lesson, Lead Instructor, Deepa, discusses the schools of yoga. And further elaborates upon the difference between schools of yoga and “styles” or types of yoga.

4.3 YOGA PHILOSOPHY – Shad Darshan

Lesson Description In this lecture Lead Instructor Deepa discusses the 6 orthodox philosophies of Bharat (“India”), as well as the 4 paths of yoga. Additionally, Deepa differentiates between schools of yoga and styles or types of yoga. Chat Transcript adminsys 06:09 Charvak is philosophy of materialism founder is Charvak adminsys 06:33 Jainism (Jai means victory). …

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