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Gateway to Abhayaranya

Vlog 4/7. Every time I arrive at this point in the journey to #Abhayaranya, I’m reminded of Shangri-La from the movie “The Lost Horizon.” All my #yourdaybalancegame peeps? I’m thinking of you! Shangri-La was a mystical, ageless society where one lives in harmony with nature and her community. Ahhh! I love this place. Anahata wide open 😍 #rishikeshyogpeeth #affiliateyogaschool Join …

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Swadhyaya Yoga School

Hike to Abhayaranya

This is Vlog (video blog) 2/7. I love this hike!! #Abhayaranya #yogavillage. #rishikeshyogpeeth #swadhyayayogaschool #affiliateyogaschool Join us in Bali for a transformative immersion 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Register now: 28-DAY COURSES: – 3rd September – 1st October – 5th November

Swadhyaya Yoga School

4 Reasons to Practice Pranayama

Pranayama, loosely translated, means breathing techniques; and, is one of the eight limbs of yoga that sage, Patanjali, explains in the Yoga Sutras, written circa 150 BC. Pranayama is comprised of two root words: prana (vital energy or life force) and ayama (extension or expansion). Pranayama, therefore, means to extend the vital energy. Pranayama provides a way to activate the life force and …

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