Mimi is a lifestyle coach, consultant and yoga instructor who is passionate about intentionally guiding others along the path of increased self-awareness by practicing yogic principles. Mimi trains yoga instructors in the US, Indonesia, Rishikesh, Italy, France and the British Virgin Islands. As a visiting teacher at Rishikesh Yogpeeth, Rishikesh Yog Sansthan, Adhiroha, YogaMea and Co.Inspire, she helped develop and enhance the yoga teacher training curriculum for their 200-, 300-, and 500-hour courses. Her love of yoga is only eclipsed by her love of exploring diverse cultures and of traveling. These attributes inspired her to create destination teacher training courses in 2016, which is when she co-founded Swadhyaya Yoga School. Mimi is trained in Ayurveda and holds two doctorates in Naturology, a natural healing discipline - they are a D.N. and Ph.D., from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, in Birmingham, Alabama. She studied various other biological sciences at Yale University, Baylor College of Medicine, and New Mexico State University before rising to her role as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Mimi hosts the podcast “SHIfT HAPPENS on the Path of Yoga.”

Abhayaranya / Patna Waterfall

Vlog 7/7. The waterfall. Ahh! Water  🎶Earth my body, water by blood, air my breath and fire my spirit. with Himanshu at  Abhayaranya waterfall. Grounding into the earth, bathed and refreshed by the water, inhaling the fresh air, my spirit alive with love and light. #rishikeshyogpeeth#affiliateyogaschool   Join us in Bali for a transformative immersion 200-hour yoga …

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Abhayaranya, a Yoga Village

Vlog 5/7. I posted all these videos directly to my personal FaceBook page, and it was the most I’ve had to say on that platform since joining Facebook. These videos don’t do Abhayaranya justice. You just have to come here and experience #Abhayaranya for yourself. So? When are you coming? #rishikeshyogpeeth #affiliateyogaschool Join Yogini Mimi this September in Bali for your …

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Gateway to Abhayaranya

Vlog 4/7. Every time I arrive at this point in the journey to #Abhayaranya, I’m reminded of Shangri-La from the movie “The Lost Horizon.” All my #yourdaybalancegame peeps? I’m thinking of you! Shangri-La was a mystical, ageless society where one lives in harmony with nature and her community. Ahhh! I love this place. Anahata wide open 😍 #rishikeshyogpeeth #affiliateyogaschool Join …

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Hike to Abhayaranya

This is Vlog (video blog) 2/7. I love this hike!! #Abhayaranya #yogavillage. #rishikeshyogpeeth #swadhyayayogaschool #affiliateyogaschool Join us in Bali for a transformative immersion 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Register now: 28-DAY COURSES: – 3rd September – 1st October – 5th November